How to find WordPress themes and Plugins used in a website

Hello guys, Today I’m gonna teach you how to find the WordPress themes and plugins used in a website. But first of all we need to be confirmed whether the websites we are going to find for the used WordPress themes and plugins have developed with the WordPress. So we are going to accomplish this with the help of Google Chrome Extensions called Wappalyzer and WhatRuns.

First let’s take a look at Wappalyzer.

So after you have installed the extension you need to go to the website using Google Chrome Browser that you need to find whether it is a WordPress site or not. Then click on the Wappalyzer extension as shown in below.

If you see something like below then it is a WordPress site.

Then you can follow the same procedure to use WhatRuns Chrome Extension. After you find that your website uses WordPress, you can use following websites to find out the themes and plugins used by that website.


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