How to Debug WordPress using browser’s JavaScript console

Long time no see? BDW I have an exciting news for you guys. Guess what? Yeah, you can debug WordPress using browser’s JavaScript console. Hell yeah, I’m serious man. I know you didn’t know about it and either I until today.

Debugging is very important in WordPress specially if you are a plugin developer. So I found an amazing plugin when I was searching for “Debugging WordPress Plugins”. I have tested it and it works as expected. It’s a simple plugin yet very powerful.

😴 Enough boasting? Okay I’m not wasting your time.

Ladies and gentleman please welcome 🎉 BugFu Console Debugger.

So what are you waiting for? I don’t have to tell everything. Just download and activate the plugin and wait, Don’t forget to read the instructions. All the information you need is there. What? still looking for my help? Okay here you go 🎁


Surprise 😮 Is it simple as that? 🤔 Yeah baby. Just don’t forget to rate the plugin with 5 stars if it really helps you. Happy debugging! 🐞


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