Stay Online, Grow Revenue

DigiTecz helps accommodation providers to develop comprehensive strategies and market insights to identify new opportunities for growth in online sales. We help hotel management to understand what sort of online sales and marketing initiatives are working for them to achieve maximum growth in revenue. Besides our focus on revenue, we handle Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) customer reviews, Guest messages, and development on content to OTA’s. Also Social networks availability will be maximize as a marketing tool.

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inventory management

Inventory Management

No more messy extranets, we will manage your inventory and control daily pricing and availabilities for the maximum revenue.

data based decision making

Data Based Decision Making

Collecting data and analyzing the performance metrics serve as a basis for decision making to increase profits.

planning and strategy development

Planning & Strategy Development

We employ our skills to develop your online sales and marketing infrastructure.

Proven Yield Techniques

Proven Yield Techniques

We develop a yield strategy to grow your online sales revenue.

Guest Review Management

Guest Review Management

Stay in touch with your customers and promptly reply to their concerns.

Raise online rankings

Raise online rankings

We help hotel to generate positive reviews with satisfied customers.

Result & Goal Oriented

Result & Goal Oriented

Our team uses performance metrics in order to achieve sales goal.

Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate

Convert usual traveler into a customer by better content development.

Presence on social media platforms

Presence on social media platforms

We can help you harness the power of social media in order to drive sales.

Why Outsourcing?

By outsourcing company online sales & marketing, we will maintain effective and professional services to the guests and hotel management. Hotel management can withdraw the extra burden from reservation, sales & marketing department to concentrate more on Travel agents and other sales, while we steer online sales and achieve the strategic goals. Also being an outside perspective to the hotel we can enable a better online booking experience for the guest.


Outside perspective

Being an outside perspective and professional to this service we can implement new managerial implication to the process of online sales & Marketing to develop new strategies where hotel management can enhance its benefits. Also as an outside facilitator we have only one target and that is to achieve best result with efficiency.

Target Oriented Pricing scheme

Our pricing is based on the performance of your business. Only if the given target achieved by our team a monthly fee and a small percentage of commission will be charged based on the turnover generated through your online sales.

Higher Occupancy & Revenue

This service will always drive to achieve maximum occupancy thereby achieve higher revenue. With development of each elaborated points in our service we will maximize the conversion rate to your accommodation unit and achieve this target.

Market Research

To develop a strategy, understanding your customer base, market segment and competitors are essential. We will continuously search, analyze and monitor the market for better implications.

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Data Based Decision Making circled arrow head
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Proven Yield Techniques circled arrow head
circled arrow head Raise online rankings
circled arrow head Out side perspective
circled arrow head Higher Occupancy & Revenue
circled arrow head Increase conversion rate
circled arrow head Presence on social media platforms

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  • Result & Goal Oriented
  • Data Based Decision Making
  • Planning & Strategy Development
  • Proven Yield Techniques
  • Raise online rankings
  • Out side perspective
  • Higher Occupancy & Revenue
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Presence on social media platforms